Crystal Harmony in Your Home

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I am so grateful to be featured in the Wall Street Journal. One of my greatest joys is helping clients harmonize their homes with crystals.

You can read the article here: 

Wall St. Journal Crystal Consults and Tarot Readings: Energy Healers Become the Go-To Home-Repair Pro

Bringing Crystals into your home brings in beautiful energy. It creates a sense of peace and balance. I’ve been working with clients to infuse their homes with harmonic energy. 

Last year, I had a client who purchased a beautiful home in Los Angeles. It was quite large, and it felt empty and lacked  life force. When I first came over, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to stay in the house. We talked about what needed to shift for her to love her home.

I worked with her to choose crystals to bring in love, abundance, spiritual expansion, and harmony. There was such a joy in the process of placing them for both of us. It was palpable, as the crystals came in, all of a sudden the home that had felt so unwelcoming now became her sanctuary.

Do you know the feeling of having a guest visit you that you love with all of your heart? When they come into your home, they bring their life force and effervescence. You can even feel it after they have left . A lingering sweet essence of their humanity remains.

This is how I describe the feeling of having the right crystals in your home.

What are the right crystals you may ask? Well, that depends on what you are wanting to bring in and most importantly what you are drawn to. I am always here to offer assistance and guidance, however, in the end your intuition and the inner pull towards what you are drawn to is the answer. 

If you are looking for some deeper guidance, and would like support in how to crystallize your home or work place, I am available for Home Crystal consultations.

 Please feel free to email us at or reach out to our dedicated client line at 310-804-4611 to find out more. 

It is my great honor and joy to bring Crystals into your life and support you in all the ways that I can.



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