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Hi Beautiful Beings, 

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
and in honor of this we are shining a light on Crystals for those recovering from loss and grief.

The insurmountable grief, for those who have experienced the loss of a child, is beyond comprehension. Recovery and transformation through this kind of loss is a true hero's journey.

My dear girlfriend, Libby June Weintraub, experienced the loss of her baby, Magnolia, at 39 weeks of pregnancy. As we approach what would have been Magnolia’s 9th birthday, Libby is releasing her first book, about her journey of healing. It is titled She was Born: Words on Loss and Liberation.

Recently, Libby shared with me about her process of healing, and how crystals helped support her and her husband, Scooter Weintraub, in this process.

“Scooter and I were gifted with a large rose quartz heart as a gift after Magnolia died and we slept with it between us every night for three years. It brought a feeling of connection, intimacy, love and warmth into our hearts during that time and the first night we slept with it we had very strong dreams of her. It was such a comfort on the nights where we couldn’t hold onto her, we held onto this crystal. It was the most generous act of loving kindness and I cherish the memory of those nights with the crystal in between the two of us. ”

Libby’s book is a deep dive into her incredible journey. Grief, loss and profound love carried her and her husband through it all. Today, they both have risen as two infinite, loving, phoenixes, through the fire of grief.

We are often asked at the shop about crystals for loss and grief, and here are some of my favorites.

Cavansite: Instills hope and is comforting through the process of grief and loss. This is a rare crystal and the mine has been closed for years. It is hard to find and we have a handful of carefully selected pieces. 

Rose Quartz: A deep heart healer, holder, and bringer of hope and joy.

Pink Opal: Comforting, healing, soft. This crystal will hold you through heartbreak and loss.

Chrysocolla: Provides healing through the multi-layers in the process of grief and transformation.

Fluorite: This crystal is the great healer. It provides physical and emotional healing and is a wonderful layered rainbow of support.

I could list so many more but what I always share is this: See what you are drawn to, either for yourself or for a gift to comfort a friend. Our intuition always leads and guides us so trust where your eyes, heart and mind draws you to when picking a crystal.

We are all so profoundly connected. It is such a beautiful gesture to comfort our loved ones with crystals through their grief process. Our touchstones of healing, love and ultimate transformation carry through to the other side.

If we can support you, your friends or loved ones through choosing a crystal for grief and transformation please feel free to reach out to us at 310-804-4611.

We are happy to support and help .

100% of the proceeds of Libby’s book will support the work of Every Mother Counts, an organization founded by Christy Turlington Burns. Their mission is to make pregnancy and childbirth safe, equitable, and respectful for every mother everywhere.

Libby’s book is available now for presale on Amazon:

She Was Born


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  • Dearest Ele, Thank you so much for shining a light in this area of motherhood and the journey of parenting. It is such an enormous gift you have given us as a family to share about our story. It is our deepest hope and prayer that this message of healing find its way into the hands of all who could benefit from it. Beaming so much love to you and your precious heart for sharing this message, and sharing our love story with your community. Deep bow sister, thank you xoxoxo

    Libby Weintraub on

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