Crystals for Embracing Change

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This is a deep time of growth. With growth, there can often times be challenges that can feel incredibly engulfing. Asking for help from the angelic realm during these difficult moments can bring you necessary support from the higher planes.

Each and everyone of us is supported by a team of guides and angels. They are here and ready to assist when you call upon them. This morning I received a message to have a phone meeting. I knew it was going to be big news. Perhaps news that would change and shift things for me in ways that I couldn’t even imagine in the moment. 

Before I got on the phone, I sat in meditation. I opened up Reiki energy and I asked my angel team to be with me to chaperone today . To hold me up through whatever news I was about to receive. It was a big phone call. It was big news about a major change that would affect my business.

I had a lot of feelings when I heard the news. In came tears of sadness, deep fear of the unknown, and ultimately acceptance. 

Whatever we can feel we can heal. 

When we ask for support, we can face anything, even the most difficult of situations. God’s hand is holding us up. The angelic realm is here to support us. Transitions are times for us to surrender. Yes, they are times of great change, and with that can be a great fear of the unknown. 

I am choosing the perspective of the beginning of a new chapter, a new adventure, a new opportunity, for what is next. The more years I’ve lived on this planet, the easier my relationship has become with the nature of constant change that exists here on earth. It is the absolute inevitable of our journey. Learning to be flexible has been one of the biggest lessons I’ve faced during my lifetime.

My personal commitment is to continue to embrace it, and allow myself to move with the river of life.

Today I practiced deep, deep, surrender, presence, and seeing the grace and beauty around me.

With the help of the sweet energy I called in this morning, today was a beautiful, potent and highly spiritual day. There comes a time in life where we just have to accept what is. Truly, it is so much easier to just let go and let God.

Currently, there are many retrogrades happening at the same time . We have Mercury, and Venus. We’ve also experienced a potent full moon. as these big energies are moving through, so are the opportunities for a big change. Choose your own adventure. We can resist the change, or we can just go with it with acceptance and and exuberance. 

The next adventure awaits us. My invitation is to step in to the unknown, and trust your path fully. Deep listening  to the guidance that is quietly whispering to you. Trust fully you will know exactly what to do and when to make a move .


Helpful Crystal allies during this time of change and growth opportunity are:

Labradorite: a protector, a great guide, a room, feeler of the multi dimensional layers of humanity and our own inner vision.   

Moonstone: softening support of tapping into the great divine feminine intuition. Fertility and trusting the path.

Sunstone: a bright hopeful and loving support.  


May your path always be guided protected, and may trust the love that is always holding you.

Many blessings and love to your beautiful heart.  


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