When Crystals Break...

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I am often asked, “What does it mean when a crystal breaks?”, and “What do you do with the broken pieces?”. 

Crystals take thousands of years to form within the earth's core. Buried deep and under pressure, I like to think of their breaking as a sacrifice and symbol of their beautiful journey, and all the work they have done to emerge to offer glory and light. Perhaps it is also nature’s way of reminding us of the fragility of life and what it takes to transform. 

Working so closely with them, I find that sometimes certain crystals will disintegrate. They take on as much energy as they can handle and break when they have completed the work they were here to do. 

I believe the crystals are in service to us; put on this planet to help us evolve; to support us and remind us of our infinite connection to the light. The guidance they offer is the ultimate act of giving. There is something so beautiful and touching about this level of love.

They each have their purpose here and we are drawn to certain ones at certain times. Just like herbs, flowers, and plants, crystal medicine is evolutionary.

Take a moment to reflect on different phases of your life and all of the many areas where you have had breakthroughs and breakdowns. There is an end phase. It's a strong physical representation of the completion when the crystal breaks.

Perhaps your crystal is breaking open to shed more light on the situation; breaking through the barriers that you once felt. They are also shields of protection and they shatter because they took in the energy rather than it being directed at you.

If you have been holding onto some broken crystals gems and jewelry, here are some suggestions on what to do with the broken pieces: 

  • Return them to nature. Often times when I've had crystals break I bring them to the ocean, throw them in, and thank them for their life. 
  • Return them to the earth. It's incredibly beneficial for plant life to bury crystals within their soil. I just did it this year at the Crystal Orchard with a multitude of broken crystals in newly planted bamboo. Crystals help plants thrive.

True heroes of the earth, our crystals give us more than we will probably ever really know.

Rest assured that your crystal breaking is more than likely a positive sign that your transformation is on track and aligned.

May you continue to evolve and let go of all that is no longer serving you. Sprinkle the world with crystals and shine your light bright!



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  • This is a beautiful expression of love and harmony in everything we do.

    Thank you,El

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