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As they say, “it takes a village”!

I have been incredibly fortunate to have an abundance of female mentors who have guided me throughout my life.

Although many of these extraordinary women have passed on, I still feel their presence from the other side as angelic guides. In today’s blog, I wanted to pay homage to a few of my earth angels.

Aunt Evelyn:

My aunt, Evelyn, was my mom's older sister and like a second mother to me. She is one of the funniest people I've ever known. Her generosity, humor, creative energy, and boundless love have been pillars of joy throughout my life. I felt safe in her arms. Somehow, Evelyn could get away with saying literally anything and make everyone laugh. I always felt safe sharing my heart fully with her; no subject was taboo. And, I always knew she had my back. I miss her dearly, and yet I feel her as close as my own heartbeat. 

Toni Bull Bua:

I met Toni when I was 17. She was the wife of my dear acting teacher, Gene. Toni taught alongside her husband and wrote many of the pieces we would perform in class. She always believed in magic. She would often write about this magical store where incredible things would happen. Looking back, I understand it was foresight to what would become of my own life’s journey!

She had a childlike wonder about her and celebrated everyone's birthday with a loving and generous heart. One day, I was feeling down. She grabbed my shoulders and looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I see you."  I felt her words to my core, and carry them with me always. When I think of Toni, I immediately think of glitter and possibility.

Laura Hart:

My voice coach. This pistol powerhouse of a 4'11" woman, always wore her gorgeous, red hair in a beehive. Covered in pink bows and sparkly magic, she taught me how to become a woman. When I met her, she was in her 80’s. Laura believed that every day was a celebration and age means nothing. (Her husband and soulmate, Sky Redlove, was 20 years her junior, a prime example of how age meant nothing).

Laura taught me many things. She taught me the power of sound and voice, she taught me about men and relationships, and she taught me about the power of health and wellness. She opened my eyes to what she called "The Types". It is a way of understanding people, and how and why they operate. This practice has been extremely helpful throughout my life allowing me to connect on a deeper level. 

There’s a profound memory that I have. I had been struggling with panic attacks and she suggested I try cutting dairy out of my diet because of my Native American blood. The two-week experiment quickly turned into 20 years and a lifestyle I will always practice. 

Joan Regalbuto:

Joan was a living saint. She was one of the most peaceful, calm, and level-headed beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I met her when I was a young girl. She was a close friend of my mother and became one of my greatest allies, friends, and mentors.

Joan was a free spirit. A brilliant astrologer with deep psychic abilities, she would give readings through the paradigm of astrology. I always knew I could turn to her for support. Joan’s compassion knew no bounds. 

Kay Snow Davis:

I met Kay in the last year of her life. Although our time together was brief, her guidance came through powerful and strong. There was almost an urgency in what she shared. 

Kay wrote a brilliant book on how people are like parts of a tree. Someone is either a leaf, branch, trunk, or root. This invaluable information has helped me greatly in my work. 

She also expressed the importance of a partnership in which two people grow together. This invaluable insight came at a moment in my life when I needed it most. 

Kay was also a brilliant energy worker. She taught me the "The Trauma Code”, which is the practice of sending healing energy to an injury/trauma through acupuncture points. 

Whenever I find myself in challenging times, I call upon these angels from the other side. I often feel held, and creative inspiration comes through from these extraordinary mother mentors. 

I know deeply that there is no way I would be the person I am today if it hadn't been for their powerful influence. I honor these mother mentors with all of my heart. I have so much gratitude for the blessings that they have bestowed upon me.

I wish I could pick up the phone and call these incredible angels to sit with me, share a meal, laugh, and meditate together. Instead, we do so in spirit. 

With Mother's Day around the corner, we are reminded to cherish and honor the nurturing figures in our lives. Here’s to all the “other mothers” on a very special day.



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