Crystal Emersion Workshop: Evening with Ele

Posted by Ele Keats on

This is such a special week. With the lunar eclipse this past Sunday night, there's been a huge energy shift and it's the perfect moment to gather for a fun and inspirational crystal emersion workshop!

This coming Friday, May 20th, I will be giving my first workshop in over three years. 

Whether you are an expert or just beginning your crystal journey, this workshop supports everyone on every level.

    Our workshop will include:

  • How to clear yourself with crystals and which are the best for specific clearing purposes.
  • Meditation with crystals. How-to and which ones are right for you.
  • The must-have crystals for everyday support and transformation. 

The workshop will be tailored specifically to our group, followed by a Q & A. Everyone in attendance will receive a complementary crystal gift and we will be open for post-event shopping! 

Very much looking forward to sharing an inspirational and fun evening with you all. We have very limited amount of space please click the link to sign up.

Xoxo, Ele

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