A Return From the Darkside: My Covid Experience.

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It's been a minute since I've blogged. I've missed sharing with you weekly so thank you for your patience with me! I wanted to catch you up a little bit about what has been happening over the past few weeks.

We had a wonderful workshop at the store where I talked about how to clear heavy energy. I spoke about how sometimes you have to sink to the bottom of the pool to push your way back up through the surface. I shared about clearing our bodies with selenite and black obsidian. I also spoke about a time when I was in my early 20s when I had a lot of panic attacks and went through a very dark night of the soul. I also shared about a sensation that I have noticed throughout my life just before I am about to have a breakthrough - there's an intense, heavy energy that can feel like being pulled backward. It's the darkest right before the dawn.

It was a powerful workshop for all and the first one that we had in the past three years. It was very intimate and connected. The next day I tested positive for Covid. Fascinating for me to reflect upon this now especially since the evening before I had shared such powerful knowledge about going through darkness.

First, I thought it was food poisoning because I was extremely nauseous and stayed that way for many days. I had the exhaustion for a few days that everyone speaks about. Plus, a little sore throat but other than that, physically, I was in great shape. Mentally, it was a whole other intense experience for me. Mentally, I went down a very, very, dark path and it scared me. For many days, I felt completely disconnected from possibility, light, joy, and creative inspiration.

I experienced a deep sense of hopelessness. Thoughts like, "What's the point?” or “Anything that ever felt good was an illusion." I felt like driving off the road at one point one evening when it got so heavy for me. This lasted for a few days and it was torturous.

I reached out to a close friend who is an acupuncturist to talk to her about what was going on with me. Carissa suggested I take Lion's Mane and Liposomal Melatonin.  She said it was important to get into the blood-brain barrier. It was the first time I felt relief in the days that this dark mental cloud filled my every thought. I felt like there was very dark and very heavy energy that was on me. Even my normal intuitive nature seemed to be disconnected.

I heard a faint inner calling to grid my entire bed with selenite. I did and it felt very good and helpful. However, it was taking the two items above (Lion’s Mane and Liposomal Melatonin) that helped shift my brain waves.

I did a lot of meditating. At one point, I felt this heavy energy rising within me and I literally said aloud "Get out and get out now!" I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow these inner urges (even if you sound a little bit like a crazy person it is important to command dark energy out of your body.) When we take control of our bodies, we help expel our mind’s darkness. Getting into the sunshine and allowing my body to rest was very important to the healing process.

Now that I’m on the other side of this, feeling strong and healthy and having my regular vitality back, I've been reflecting upon what I wish I would have known throughout this process. One aspect that was difficult for me was that I was supposed to be leaving the next day for Hawaii and was stuck in L.A. through the healing process. As a Virgo, it's always been very difficult for me when I have a plan and it suddenly changes. This has been a bit of a lifelong challenge. I kept thinking I was going to be better and then it just continued. There were also some unfortunate conversations that I had with sadly a few in the medical field who scared me with what could potentially happen when you get Covid. This was obviously completely unhelpful and caused me a lot of distress.

As difficult as it was to go through this time, I am incredibly grateful. Because I have walked through this dark experience, I now have some tools to be able to share with others who are either going through this currently or will be experiencing it in the future. 

This is what I wish someone would have told me and how I believe the best way to heal is through Covid. *I am not a medical professional. I am a person who has been through an experience and I have worked with some incredible naturopaths and acupuncturists. Santa Monica Pharmacy was also very helpful. I believe it is very important that we share this kind of information with one another as we walk each other through this time of healing and transformation. I am sharing this from my heart hoping that my experience can help you through yours.

First, you find out that you have Covid.

Tell yourself this:

"OK, I have Covid. My body is a miracle. It is powerful and strong. I have a powerful immune system. My body is designed to heal. I am giving myself this time to go within to rest, cocoon, and love myself in the deepest and most intimate way possible. I am taking this time to meditate and heal all that has been quietly asking for my attention. I will listen to my need to sleep, and I will be extremely gentle with myself."

Don't stress about anything. I mean it. Make a vow and a commitment to yourself to let go.

Be very selective of who you talk to and who you share with. It is not your responsibility to answer to everyone nor do you need to. Your energy is sacred. Your life force is your own.

This is a time to protect your energy and that means vehemently protecting your healing.

This is a time to love yourself more deeply than you ever have before. Let yourself let go and surrender to the experience. It will pass even though it feels like it's taking forever. I promise it will pass. You must remind yourself of this.

If like me you lose your appetite and you don't want to eat for a few days, it is OK. You will not die from not eating for a couple of days. Sometimes the body needs to just rest and that includes resting the digestive system. In my case, I only wanted a little tiny bit of soup and fresh fruit. I truly thought I would never desire food again after eight days of barely eating. Good news! I'm back to normal food and my appetite came back. Energy will come back! There is so much amazing healing that is available for us. Whatever route you choose to take, be it standard medical or alternative, there is so much available when it comes to healing Covid.

As you may imagine I took a very natural route. I will share with you what I took and what I did that helped me. I have been a health enthusiast since my late teens. I've been deeply immersed in understanding alternative health and have been highly committed to having health be my priority. I went through some very scary stomach issues and debilitating panic attacks which prompted my deep love and passion for health and wellness. Again, I am not a medical professional just a fellow human who wants to help.

The first thing I did was get intravenous ozone treatment. I did so on my first day and had four treatments total. On the third treatment, I felt a massive shift. This helped me tremendously. I believe this is why I did not get strong physical symptoms because I got the ozone treatments right away.

I took the following supplements:

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D3
  • NAC
  • Quercetin
  • B complex
  • Iron (It has been known that people with Covid have very low iron levels. I took Floradix.  There are lots of liquid iron that help.)
  • Ivermectin (For five days)
  • The two days that I had a sore throat I took Medi Herbs herbal throat spray. And Medi Herb Andrographis complex.
  • Nux Vomica
  • Arsenicum Album
  • For the muscle aches, I took a homeopathic remedy called:
  • Gelsemium. (Took this only a few times and it worked immediately.)
  • I also used simply saline sinus rinse and a nebulizer with colloidal silver medical-grade saline and L-glutathione.

(Santa Monica Pharmacy is a great resource for this and they have almost everything listed above.)

For the first two days, I really enjoyed just resting on the floor. Being as close to the earth was very important to me. I believe being in nature is the best possible way to heal. One day I went to the beach which was helpful. Even though I was feeling terribly mentally and emotionally the sunshine did help. I found that even the tiniest ray of sunshine that appeared for a couple of hours on my patio was incredible. Covid hates the sun. Unsurprising that something so dark does not like the light. So make sure you get your body into some sunshine. I was able to get one acupuncture treatment and a custom herbal formula from my wonderful herbalist, Alan Shir, in Westlake Village.

The last and final stroke of brilliant healing came through a wonderful massage therapist who helped me tremendously. She was not afraid of Covid. She did some energy work with me and then moved it through my body. The first two days, I wept because I just wanted to be held and I felt so lonely! I obviously did not want to expose anyone else to Covid so I waited until I was at a point where it was OK to be touched. However, I cannot express enough that if you are with someone else who is going through this please hold each other as tight as possible and love each other through this.

We will all make it through this ridiculously intense time and the light will always rise. Please remember this and please trust yourself if you are going down one of those dark tunnels during your Covid experience. I pray that you have the deep self-knowledge to understand that this is a pathway, not the end of the road.

Our immune systems are miraculous and we are able to heal. Trust yourself, trust your body, trust your mind and your heart. You will get through this. Connect to the light as much as possible and remember what a beautiful incredible human being you are. 

All my love infinitely and forever,

Xoxo, Ele

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  • Hi Ele, so glad you successfully got past your covid experience. It’s all been very unpleasant in this regard, all we’ve had to deal with. I did have it twice myself and was curious what you meant of what could happen from covid – actually who knows maybe better not to hear worrisome ideas. I feel we were all so lost during this time and confused as to what the right course of action is. I do think i feel I regret taking the vaccine. :( but I am declaring that I remain in my highest states of health despite this.

    Kim on
  • Wow, this was very much like my experience with covid (that I also had in June). Hopelessness… like a bad case of the summertime blues.
    It’s always inspiring and enlightening to read/see your posts and stories.

    Ilise on
  • Thank you for your beautiful comments here . It really and truly is felt and received ! I did pour my heart and soul into this and took a step in to the vulnerable . Thank you all for receiving this with the intention it was shared from all my love and may we all rise to the highest potential for healing.

    Ele Keats on
  • It shouldn’t feel taboo to speak of our individual approaches to healing from Covid, and yet, somehow it does—unless of course the said experience reinforces the mainstream narrative of panic and powerlessness. Thank you for sharing your story of what felt best and necessary for your own body’s healing. May each of us feel empowered to do the same for ourselves.

    SB on
  • Thanks for sharing, Ele. I wish I had known about Lion’s Mane when I got Covid around Christmas. Uch, I felt terribly sad and very weepy. My body told me to lie in bed and watch guilty pleasure TV, and that’s exactly what I did. So glad you’re feeling better!

    Brenda on
  • You’re courageous, Éle. I am so grateful you’re healed, happy, on the other side of this and walking back on the sunny side of the street! I love you xxx Mom

    Jan on
  • I LOVE the amount of Love you poured into this. Blog. It is so nurturing and caring and will help so many! I left this feeling so EMPOWERED!

    Morgon on
  • Thank you for sharing this! I’ve recognized also the dark energy that is Covid both mentally and physically and it can be daunting, especially some of the long haul Covid issues. Blessings and wellness!

    Nicole on

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