Being Called by a Crystal

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Often times when a client enters the shop they ask "How do I know which crystal to choose?" I always invite them to trust their intuition and let their inner calling be their guide. Listening to your inner guidance system will lead you exactly where you need to be.

Sometimes it's a very subtle feeling. Perhaps it's an attraction towards something or even a thought that comes over you. Maybe a thought such as "Oh, that looks good over there" or "Turn this way!" It's a very quiet sort of nudge from the universe. Listening to these subtle signals - that's how you know which foot to put in front of the other and frankly which crystal to choose. 

For some of us, it might be a little bit more challenging to trust that inner guidance. Perhaps you spend a good amount of time thinking and contemplating or being torn in your decision making. Truly allow yourself to sit for a moment with one hand on your heart and the other on top of that, take a few deep breaths and ask: "Please lead me guide me and direct me with clarity." Taking that moment to connect with yourself and ultimately open yourself up for a deeper listening is all you need to follow that inner guidance.

Once you choose your crystal, you may be surprised when you learn a little bit about the qualities of it. Crystals are here to help us. They have deeply intelligent, transformative vibrations that offer us opportunities to grow and tap into deeper wisdom. Each crystal has its own unique gifts to offer and they are certainly here to help. Currently, I've been exploring crystal teachings through audio books. There are so many amazing tools of wisdom. I highly recommend Judy Hall, one of my crystal intuitive heroes. She has many books including "The Crystal Bible" as well as some books on audible that are amazing tools of wisdom. Recently, I listened to a book called "Lemurian Seeds" by Shelley Kaehr. It dove deeply into the extraordinary gifts of the lemurian crystals and what they are here to offer.
If you are looking to further your crystal knowledge and dive deeper into your crystal education these resources are phenomenal supports.

I invite you to come into the shop and see where your intuition guides you. You may be surprised at which crystal friends are calling out to you.

This is also easily done online. Every week, we are posting more and more crystals on our website for sale. They have an energy and a vibration that you can even feel through photos. Please trust that inner nudge. As you look at the images of these beautiful beings, you may notice that one stands out or you keep going back to it just as you would in person. We are more than happy to send you additional photos and videos should you so desire by texting the shop at 310-804-4611.

I invite you to trust yourself and make friends with our beautiful collection of crystals. I personally hand select each crystal that comes to the store as I am very in tune with the energy of these exquisite beings and I am very particular about what comes into our doors. With an intuitive jewelers eye, I have a keen sense for the energetics and beauty of the crystals that make their way through our doors. With this care there is a great love for my clients and the crystals themselves. It's always quite touching to see who each crystal goes home with as they are each so individually special, just like you and your incredible journey on this planet. I honor you on your path of deeper inner growth and understanding of the seen and the unseen.



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