Amplifying Abundance: The Magic of Quartz

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My love for quartz goes deep. The crystal clear purity of clear quartz. The abundant energy of citrine. The protective cloak of smokey quartz.

These three exquisite natural wonders bring so much love into our lives. 

One of the many reasons I adore clear quartz is it is an amplifier. It's also a crystal magician.

Every morning, I sit at my altar with my beautiful clear lemurian quartz pulling a card from my Judy Hall deck of crystal cards.

Whatever crystal I pull from my deck, I put my clear quartz on top of it and ask it to become that crystal.

As the brilliant shapeshifter that quartz is, its wish is your command.

It is an amplifier and a magician all in one.

Lemurian quartz holds within its brilliance codes of transformation and deeper knowledge. These are my favorite crystals to meditate with and they have opened up my intuition even further. If you're ready for the next level of your spiritual evolution, these are the perfect crystals for you.

Stunning citrine is known as the ultimate abundance crystal. This beauty brings abundance of all sorts.

Be it financial, opportunity, creative/energetic flow - we all need citrine in our corner. 

Ask and you shall receive.

This bringer of all possibilities is a true champion of all that is good.

Personally, I am a huge fan of citrine, and I notice a difference on days I wear it as opposed to days when I forget to slip my citrine on.

If you're ready for your life to expand in all the ways, bring citrine into your corner of abundance - wear it and bring it close.

My tall, dark, and handsome friend, smokey quartz.

A grand protector, a sparkler of depth, this wonderful, rich friend has so much to offer.

Bring smokey into your space to create a gentle field of grounding and anchoring energy. A perfect stone for your home-office space or even for your car. If you are seeking deep grounding, this is the perfect crystal for you.

All three of these work in harmony and are magnificent on their own.

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