Valentines Day Gift Guide 2019

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Love is so much bigger than can be fathomed. It is more than a word or a gift given once a year. It is something that must be cultivated first within, and can then be shared with another in a meaningful way.Check out our curated Valentine Day Gift Guide for some brilliant heart-expanding ways to share your love, that will continue to strengthen your energetic heart connection for eternity.A jewelry minimalist?Shop our sweet Heart Healing Sacred Stone Kit this Valentines Day! The vibration of love is the beautiful thread which weaves the world together, which makes life worth living. And there are so many gorgeous crystals which support love’s precious vibration.While rose quartz is a powerful crystals for attracting love, a personal favorite and by far the most popular, there are many others which support our heart’s journey in a powerful and unique way. To share these lesser-known heart stones with you all, I put together a holistic heart-healing kit that not only supports attraction and love with a partner, but encourages a great big heart opening for love of self and universal love.With this holistic heart-healing kit, nourish your heart, radiate and attract pure love vibration. Everything one needs to clear, mend and uplift brilliant heart energy. These beautiful crystals help us do the deep dive to attract not only romantic passion, but universal love which starts from within. This kit includes several rare high-vibration crystals which work to align our heart chakra with our whole being, to heal any deep wounds and call on cosmic divine love. Pink Calcite - A precious heart soother, she touches our tenderness and attracts sweet childlike love energyRhodochrosite - A deep healer of old wounds, she creates space for us to truly love without pain of the pastChrysocolla - An earthen bridge between heart and throat chakra, she helps us communicate and create from divine love.Moss Agate - A stone of new beginnings, everything we undertake in her vibration will be grounded in loveSelenite - A powerful energy cleanser, selenite anchors us to light and clears away non-harmonious vibes for radiant heartfelt connections.Pink Tourmaline - Heart chakra support to the tenth degree, she gentles clears unneeded vibrations while encouraging loving self care.Kunzite - The stone of universal love, she vibrates strongly to attract and manifest love and beauty in all aspects of our life.This kit arrives beautifully packaged with a special heart-healing ritual, as well as crystal cards which explain the unique properties of each of your new babies. Assembled with love and the highest intentions in an atmosphere of creativity, beauty, connection and inspiration! 

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