Setting Intentions for the New Year with Crystals

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Walking into 2019, it is important to first let go of all the things that are not serving us, letting them melt away with the passing of the year. Only then can we create space for what is possible. I want to share with you my own ritual for shedding the old skin of time passed, as well as my process for setting intentions for the new to manifest magic and grow.Wildly uncharted 2018, a test in strength and a push towards transformation, showed us our greatest potential. For 2019, I see this potential blooming to its full magnificence as we initiate steps to becoming our best selves, and integrate actions into daily living. Letting Go of 2018So many things happened for me that were personally transformative in love, friendship and business. On my own path, I find that the aspects we are able to drop, shed, fully release, are vital to clearing space for the beautiful and powerful to continue to grow. Here is how I practice actively letting go at the end of the year: Write down everything I am releasing and burn it. Reflecting on the year, I tune into the moments which did not uphold my highest self. Writing them on a piece of paper, I thank them for how they were trying to protect me, and I release them into the fire. Full mind, body, soul detox with Panchakarma and Byron Katie’s New Year’s Mental Cleanse. Both of these resources have become paramount to my continued healing, releasing and growth. I do Panchakarma, the ancient full-body ayurvedic cleanse at Surya Spa in Pacific Palisade. Check out the video below of my this week anticipating some beautiful nurturing:2019 is a Year of Initiation & IntegrationWhat would life look like if you were living to your fullest potential? What would it take to integrate actions to actively become your highest self? Sometimes these big vision for the year can feel overwhelming, like trying to climb a mountain in one vigorous leap. I want to encourage all of us to create manageable expectations for our coming giant results. What are the small, manageable actions we can take, each day, each week, each month, to get to the bigger picture? 1.) Freeform journaling my vision for the year. I spend as much time as I need at the beginning of the year to write out everything I am creating. I let it flow and just keep writing until there is nothing left to say, giving myself time and space to go in. This helps me to fully feel into the life I am manifesting.2.) Visualize and list the actions to integrate this energy into your being. Is it getting up early every morning, meditating, writing out lists, choosing your outfit the night before? What will it take to create more space in your life to be your best self?3.) Work with new crystals that embody this vision. I find there is no better time to receive new crystals than the turn of the year. They bring fresh vibrant energy into our life and raise the vibration in our space. I encourage you to visit our shop this week, during our Crystallize Your New Year sale, and find some new crystal babies to work with! Let us help you find the perfect crystal companion.I will be holding you all in my heart as you enter this next beautiful year, that so many incredible opportunities unfold for you, that you are able to care for yourself and for those you love fervently. Happy New Year love! 

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