Crystals for Capricorn Energy

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Capricorns are the adult of the zodiac, the socially-responsible, super-achievers that take an idea from thought to reality without hesitation. From my experience with Capricorns, they are practical, fair, focused and often thinking of the bigger picture, and how their actions impact others and the world around them.If Capricorn were a crystal, she would be hematite with pyrite.Hematite with pyrite, like Capricorn, is anchored within herself, able to manifest and make happen with core confidence and solidity. In addition to being grounding, Hematite can serve as a support for stress relief for Capricorn’s perceived “workaholism,” something they often see as “just getting it done.” Pyrite is a powerful manifestor, just like Capricorn, and can doubly heighten her already strong will power.Crystals to Balance Capricorn EnergyPink ApophylliteSerious Capricorn can use a little playtime once in a while, and pink apophyllite is the embodiment of playful, loving energy. In addition, Capricorns often tend to think about others, often more than themselves, so the tender sweetness of this gorgeous crystal encourages some self-made TLC on the regular. Gem Quality Raw Rose QuartzThere is no crystal more necessary in modern times than rose quartz, and I’m not talking about the soft, milky, barely-pink crystals you see at your ordinary crystal store. I’m talking rich, deep, powerful gem quality rose quartz that amplifies the love energy to the tenth degree. Capricorn—as the movers and shakers, focused deliberators who make things happen—I want to encourage you to remember love in everything you do, be it business, family or personal. The world needs more love and we need your natural unwavering focus and will power to press that onward.ApophyllitePractical Capricorn can always use more light. Often analytical and weighing options, apophyllite will support you in focusing on and seeing the positive, bringing a lighter energy into the meaningful aspects of your life.

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