Going with the Flow

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Last night, I went outside to unplug my fountain and I realized I locked myself out of my house. I am a creature of habit and I absolutely love my bedroom and my bed so I make sure I lock everything tight every night. Knowing that, it dawned on me that there was no way I was getting into my house last night.
Luckily, my Rose Quartz cottage was unlocked so I had a place to sleep. After the initial internal struggle, I surrendered to what is.
I slipped into bed and prepared for sleep. Soon, there were new sounds in the space - the whipping of the wind clacking the shades against the frame, and a different softness to the mattress. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.
Early in the morning came torrential rains; so loud it woke me from my slumber. The rains and winds were fierce. It has been very dry - the driest in 50 years on the island, so it was much needed and prayed for. However, it was quite jarring especially in these new surroundings. And yet, there was nothing to do except to let go and be present.
Upon rising, I normally make my way over to my altar for meditation. However, this morning there was no alter to make my way over to so I tried something new today. I prepared a bath and spent 30 minutes sending Reiki and meditating in the bathtub in the torrential rain. It was an intense and powerful experience. I had my Master Attunement exactly a month ago today so it seemed sort of an initiation to this marking. As my Reiki teacher taught me, Reiki has its own intelligence so I allowed it to travel freely and went on the journey.
After I dried off, I had no idea how I was going to proceed. I was in my little cotton robe in the torrential rain, not sure what time it was because I didn't have my phone and there wasn’t a clock in sight. I thought, "Do I go to a neighbors house? Do I wait and see if anyone shows up?" It was a complete surrender. Then I thought, “Maybe I’ll try one more time to see if perhaps the door was cracked.” So, I wandered up to my lanai and tried every door with no luck. I noticed my patio door was slightly ajar and I was able to push it hard enough to open it and get inside! Clearly, I needed this experience or it wouldn't have happened.
I needed to surrender, let go, and break my routine a little. Trying something new can be uncomfortable, especially for those of us who are creatures of habit, extra sensitive, and need things a certain way. It is so important for us to surrender to what is and go with the flow. Interesting that this should happen on the day of torrential rain when it hasn't rained here for so very long. Even mother nature herself was inviting me to flow. 
In which ways are you resisting the flow of your life?
In which ways are you needing to be more open?
In which ways do you find resistance to change?
In which ways are you finding yourself fighting against the river?
Crystals that are great for integrating change are as follows:
  • Citrine: Opens doors and allows us to move with the ever-changing expansive nature of life.
  • Chrysocolla: Encourages serenity during change or challenges; dissolves destructive emotional programming and increases the ability to assimilate new energy. It reminds you that you have the infinite capacity for forgiveness and learning to love oneself.
  • Tigers Eye: It encourages the right use of power and balances your needs with those of others and ourselves. It also helps us find solutions. A fantastic creativity stone and lasting success.
One of the greatest mentors of my life, Jerome Downs, who is my landmark education forum leader and mentored me personally in my early 20’s, took me under his wing to teach me this lesson: 
"The one thing we can count on in life is change.” 
He mentored me for months to ground me in this awareness. It is extremely important for all of us to learn how to go with the flow. Obviously, we've all been challenged in so very many ways over the past few years through this doorway of history.
I hope that my little story of last night’s adventure was encouraging and perhaps even a little entertaining, picturing me in the pitch black trying break into my own house!
Xoxo, Ele

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