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With Mother’s Day around the corner, I can’t help but reflect upon the ways in which my mother has impacted my life. She has imprinted upon me with her candor, charisma and so much more.My mother loved horses and always brought my sister and I to these exquisite beings. One afternoon in Germany, I was playing at an inside horse arena and I found an 18k gold anklet in the arena. It was such a thrill beyond words and one of the greater treasures of my life. My mom kept it in safe keepings for me until I got older. That anklet is imbued with an immense amount of meaning for me and pointed to what would later be a significant part of my life.Jewelry is so more than metal and stone. I believe that jewelry is an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. A special ring, bracelet, or necklace given on an important day by someone you love has deep significance. Since we were all small girls we have watched our mothers put on their jewelry in a ritualistic manner. I’m sure many of us even tried it on (more than once). Many of us have received jewelry that belonged to those before us. Jewelry is a tangible milestone. I know personally, I rarely take off my Emerald–it’s a part of me and on many levels, I feel naked without it.The delicacy and intention behind my jewelry all stem from watching my mother as a young girl. My mother is a vision–both inside and out. She was a model and because of that my sister and I were fortunate to travel all around the world. Despite her glamorous profession, my mom was always understated. She never wore makeup and chose comfort over fashion. My mother kept it simple when it came to accessorizing. Her taste was timeless and classy–the delicate gold rings that adorned her fingers are what stood out most in my memory.I hope that this Mother’s Day is filled with love and celebration. Create some more meaning you can hold in your hands and adorn your mother with this holiday. This article is an homage to my mother–the independent, one of a kind spirt, Jan McGuire.

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