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I think most of us can agree that love is the most important thing on this long and uncertain journey. I believe we have all come here to love the deepest we possibly can--to connect deeply with others and with ourselves. While it seems we know the answer to the divine purpose of living, many are uncertain in how to apply it. How do we love the most fully and deepest we possibly can? At the start of the summer, I felt a pull to share about love, and the powerful way in which crystals help us tune into heart vibrations. Alo Yoga provided a beautiful space where we hosted 20 amazing women, and one brave guy, and had a candid, heart-opening conversation about love, sex and relationships. I want to share these delicious nuggets with you here, and also link to the video so you can witness the sweetness yourself! So how do we love the deepest we possible can? And how can crystals guide us in this lifelong undertaking? The truth is often simple but seldom easy; I used to roll my eyes at a cliche statement like these: “Learning how to love ourselves is the greatest gift of all.” But this simple annoying phrase holds an important key, and that is to self love.I am grateful to live in a time when #selfloveisthebestlove is a popular Instagram hashtag among young people! Self love wasn’t something to boast in past generations. It seemed taboo, attributed to narcissism or vanity. But as the sensitive seekers begin to emerge more and more, and things like yoga and reiki become more mainstream, more people see the value in cultivating love first from within.I shared openly with our girls and guy at our Alo event how I had suffered a painful break-up after a challenging relationship in 2017. I was wisely encouraged by my mentor not to date for a year. This was reaffirmed astrologically, as a date of April 2018 was to be my big release back into the world of romantic love. Unitl then, my only lover was to be myself, and I am so beyond grateful for that time that I had to reconnect, integrate and ground in self love. It is true that unless we cultivate our inner garden of love, no one can give it to us. Love is not something that can be handed off like a baton, ingested like food or transferred like money between bank accounts. Unless we are ready to vibrate on that level, to allow another to spark that energy that must already be met within, there is no way to find it outside. That is why I love the idea of “namaste.” It means the light in me recognizes the light in you. In other words, what is already within me sees itself in what is already within you-- not, you are giving me your light. I already have that light within, and together we shine brighter, together we recognize ourselves. The same goes for love.It was right around April 2018, the time when I was emerging from my self-proclaimed monastic dating life, living like a nun otherwise, when I found my crystal companion that would help to open me up to love’s highest form, a perfect example of what I am saying above about love being cultivated within. I was with a beautiful gemstone dealer and an intuitive sister, who showed me one of the most beautiful pieces of Kunzite I’d ever seen. I’d worked with the stone before, but something about this shift in my life made it all the more profound. The minute I held it in my hands I began to cry, and my friend said, “This is your shaman crystal, your goddess stone.” I had it set in gold, and the day I put it on, the men literally started flocking. It was as if a vibrational “ready-to-date” sign had been released into the world. No joke. Kunzite is a breathtaking crystal. It is pure, gentle love, but a love that transcends. It is universal love, capital L love, divine love. In my past, I think I had been seeking a kind of love that corrected a past hurt, or solved something with unmet relationships, which is so totally normal until those things heal. But as I entered into this new chapter, I was drawn to a new crystal energy that meant something wholly new to me. Kunzite has been that for me, and I encourage you to feel its beautiful energy for yourself.Which brings me to my last point, and something I shared with all of my beautiful guests at the Alo event: there are a million amazing resources about crystals out there, but only you know what is going on for you, and how a crystal makes you feel. That is the beauty about exploring this earth medicine that is so here to help us; crystals help us turn on our own intuition, encouraging us to feel into our experience and determine what it means to us. I can tell you that Kunzite is the best love stone, but perhaps you may need more rhodochrosite, rose quartz or carnelian. Perhaps you need more heart-opening emerald, or protective malachite depending on what is going on. Still, as the Crystal Shepherd, (no I don’t have a brown hooded cloak or a wooden staff as some might imagine) I want to guide those who come to me. So here are my favorite crystals which will support finding a true partner, yet only you can determine what you need to heal, in order to cultivate a beautiful love garden within. Ele’s Crystal Recommedations for love:Rose Quartz WandsCrystalline Rose Quartz NecklacePink ApholyiteRose Quartz HeartCarnelian - A brilliant red-orange grounding crystal that heals the root and sacral chakra, past traumas so that we may better connect with ourselves and others. It isn’t, in my opinion, the prettiest crystal, but some of the greatest healers may be the least sparkly. Rose Quartz - A beautiful trusted love companion. She is so sweet, loyal and dependable to sooth us when we need, to heal our heart and to attract kind, loving connection to us. I have so much rose quartz in the shop because it’s pure, sweet vibration set a perfect energy. I particularly love it in raw and the more rare flowering form. Pink Apophylite - Apophylite I like to call a “puff” of light, as it is so bright it just makes you want to dance in a beam of sunshine. With this yummy pink color, it brings such playful sweetness and lighthearted love energy into the space which sparkles outward into the world. It is very rare and I have lots of it in the shop because I want to share it with you!Kunzite - Universal love which aligns all of our chakras to this cosmic love vibration. It is self love and divine love united, magnetising beauty towards us, especially in the romance department, which I can attest to. Crystal Penises - I kept these magic babies covered during most of my Alo talk because I didn’t want our guests to get the wrong idea before hearing my pitch, but these interesting, scary to some, carved crystal penises are just as healing as they are a great conversation starter! They work to heal our relationship with the masculine, healing any sexual trauma which may be blocking us from calling in intimacy with another. They are also amazing tools for fertility, if you are looking to start a family. Twin Crystal - Anything in a natural twin point formation is set to call in love. In feng shui, things in pairs help us attract a partner to us and twin point are a powerful natural magnet for calling in our soulmate. Since beginning to date again, I have called in a beautiful partner that is so incredibly different from past relationships. Our connection is honest, and holds integrity and truth. We have incredible communication and I feel seen and heard. We truly recognize and enjoy the light in one another. No one knows what tomorrow holds, but we do know our past, and huge things have shifted in the love and relationship department for me, most notably, the love and relationship with me. Draw a beautiful partner to you, by being a beautiful partner to yourself, and let us know how I, and the lovely intuitive women at the shop, can guide you along the way.

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