Intimacy and Crystals

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How do we share ourselves intimately? Speaking from our hearts, being vulnerable, truthful  and allowing ourselves to be open and be seen. These are ways that we share intimacy. 
When it comes to romantic partnership, being emotionally safe allows one to go to the depths of what is possible as far as intimate connection. Safety must come first in order to be completely free, untethered and to dive into the depths of what is possible within an intimate experience. It is important for us to know that the person we are sharing ourselves with is able to hold the space for us. We must trust them to be able to let go and be ultimately free.
Many of us have experienced deep traumas, whether consciously or unconsciously, that may block our ability to go there with another. To find a partner who is willing, able and open to move with you through these depths is key. It honors ourselves and our partners to be present and aware of the subtle energy as the intimacy unfolds. There are times where we need to retreat within ourselves to replenish, heal and refill the well of our passionate selves to be able to share. Honoring the sacred times we need to replenish our spring is vital. The quality in which we share ourselves intimately is so much more valuable than the quantity in which we share. Wouldn’t you rather eat a meal that has been prepared with deep care, thoughtfulness, attention to each detail, prepared with love, awareness to the nuances of flavor, feel and beauty? Preparing a love feast is just the same. All of the elements matter. The light, the temperature, the container of sound, time and space.
How crystals come in to play in this arena is beautiful. On your bedside table you may want to include the following crystals that help with intimate connection...
Let’s begin with ourselves. Working with a yoni crystal is a powerful way to deeply experience the internal healing of the potency of crystals.
Yoni crystals have a deep and ancient history, are incredibly healing to the womb space and allow for a deeper opening to intimacy within ourselves and to share our intimate gifts.
Pink tourmaline - She is passionate and she is opening! Saying yes and allowing it all to flow.
Kunzite - The bringer of love and communication, we must communicate with love especially in our most intimate moments.
Rose quartz - The crystal of self love, nourishment and safety.
Adding these beauties to your bedside and ultimately holding them together with your partner create a nourishing and tantalizing atmosphere. Sharing ourselves in the most intimate ways is powerful alchemy. Adding Crystals to your experience with heighten and ultimately ignite the potential of what is possible within partnership and intimacy to great heights.

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