Ruby Zoisite
Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite

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Ruby is the fieriest of them all. Valued above diamonds at one time, the stunning fire element power-hitter has been recognized since ancient times as the King of Precious Stones. The ultimate multi-tasker, ruby attracts love ignites passion, encourages strength, incites and adventurous spirit, heals the heart and grounds the soul.

Chakra: Root


A teacher of growth, healing and enjoyment of the moment. It helps one to see the gift that is every breathe we take. A powerful healer of the emotional body, it alleviates the pressure from negative thoughts and feelings bringing the mind, heart, body, soul and spirit into perfect harmony. Brings freedom for the wearer so one’s true self can come through.

Chakra: Third Eye, Heart, & Root

L4.5" x W5" x H1"

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