​True Loving Friendship: Our Greatest Gift

by Ele Keats

I’ve been thinking about where I have been feeling the most received in life and that is with friends. Individuation is a beautiful thing, but there is something really beautiful about coming together with like-minded people. I truly believe it opens you up to receiving even more love.

My friend Kate is one of those women who is like a touchstone for me in my life. If I need support or to run something by someone, I always know that I can count on her to tell me the truth, to be kind but not sugar coat it. I always know that she is coming from love. This allows me to be able to see things in a way that I wouldn’t otherwise perceive, because how she is able to reflect her wisdom and light back to me.

During February, the month of love, I realize how much we are looking for a partner--for something romantic--but in all of my meditation, my self-searching, I find our friends are our best lovers. With other women, there is a level of safety and understanding that is truly unique to us. It’s the kind smile and honest eyes, the look that says “I got it girl, I got you girl, you aren’t in this alone.” We can run things by each other in a way that we are not judging, we are problem solving. With this loving reflection, we can process and solve life’s greatest challenges.

Crystals for Loving Friendship

I am holding ocean jasper because ocean jasper is about community. Ocean jasper is an incredible stone for creating harmony among the collective. It is beautiful for attracting companions who reflect our light to us, who allow us to shine brighter in our own individuality.

How to Work with Ocean Jasper

Work with Ocean Jasper when moving to a new city, if you are looking to attract a beautiful tribe of soul friends. Place it in your office if you need to bring order and harmony to your work environment. Set it between you and your neighbors home to bring peace to your neighborhood.

Working with Ocean Jasper, say this Howard Wills prayer as often as you wish:

Cleansing Prayer For All Humanity

God, Please Help All Humanity

Throughout All Time, Past, Present, And Future

All Forgive Each Other

Forgive Ourselves

Be At Peace With Each Other

Be At Peace With Ourselves

Love Each Other And Love Ourselves

Now And Forever

Please God, Thank You God, Amen

Thank You God, Amen